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Safe Learning Promise

Our commitment to education – no matter what

Updated March 16, 2021

Educating for a brighter future

Our Safe Learning Promise is our commitment to our families, students and their education. At EF Academy, every child will continue to receive a formative high school education – no matter what.

In 2020, we developed a promise to respond to the increased support our families needed to see them through a challenging year. We called it our Safe Learning Promise and offered a solution for students to stay on track with their education. Today, we realize that the promises we made will always be relevant. Our Safe Learning Promise is here to stay.

We are confident in fulfilling our promise to both future and existing EF Academy families. Our revised reopening plan and campus health protocols allowed us to welcome the majority of our students back on campus in September 2020, providing them with a stimulating space in which to live, learn and flourish. Students who were affected by travel restrictions have stayed on track with their studies thanks to our hybrid teaching model. In spite of the challenges, our Class of 2020 graduated with some of the highest marks and best university acceptances our school has had to date. We have overcome some extraordinary circumstances at EF Academy with resilience and agility, and we will continue to adapt to ensure we keep our promise.

The opportunity to study abroad in high school can be key to developing students’ growth mindset and international perspective, and we are here for you every step of the way to make it happen.

Our promise

Nothing should get in the way of a child’s education. At EF Academy, we are committed to you and your child’s education – no matter what.

Your safety, our priority

We understand that parents may be concerned about sending their child abroad, so this is our most important promise: Your child’s safety is our top priority.

We have significantly expanded our health and safety measures at our campuses. Our staff are trained to care for students' physical and emotional health and respond to medical emergencies. We are fulfilling the safety measures required by the respective local health authorities of our campuses and will continue to adapt our plan of action to the changing situation as needed.

You can find more details about our current health protocols below:

US Health Protocol

School year 20-21

UK Health Protocol

School year 20-21

Education, no matter what

However the world around us evolves, EF Academy students will continue to receive a quality education and remain on track to obtaining their international high school qualifications. We are currently running a hybrid teaching model of face-to-face and online teaching to ensure that every student can begin their studies on time and without compromise. We promise that students who are unable to travel to campus due to COVID-19 restrictions can begin their studies with EF Academy online and follow their program virtually until they are able to join us on campus. All of our academic programs and university guidance will be available online and our regular orientation days ensure that students who arrive at campus later on don’t miss a thing. We have been running this hybrid teaching model successfully since September 2020 and will continue to do so for as long as is necessary.

A global support network

Whether on campus or in your home country, EF Academy families receive an extensive level of support through every part of their journey with us. Regular updates from our Heads of Schools and parent webinars will give parents the chance to be in touch with school staff. Whether you are studying online or from campus, our Pathway Managers are responsible for closely monitoring all individual students’ academic and personal growth, and they prioritize making themselves available to students and parents whenever they need guidance. We endeavor to ensure parents feel as close to their child and to our school as possible, for which our Admissions Consultants around the world are prepared to provide even more local support to parents in their home country and native language. Between our school staff, faculty and local Admissions Consultants, you have an entire global support network available to you at EF Academy ready to offer any reassurance and support you need.

Flexible fees

We have adapted our fees to provide families with additional reassurance, and to ensure every student’s fees reflect their individual situation.

Cancellation fees

For students enrolling in school year 2022: In order to give you peace of mind when committing to our school, EF Academy waives any cancellation fees stated in our terms and conditions up until 30 September 2021. If you would like to have further flexibility past this date, we also offer an extension of this waiver up until 15 March 2022 if you make a payment of at least one term’s fees at the time of enrollment.

Online learning

In case your child is unable to come to campus and begins their program online, we will credit all accommodation fees towards future tuition payments on a pro-rated basis for the time studied from home.

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Updated March 16, 2021

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